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RTC | Hygiene for Martial Arts

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Most Martial Arts are contact sports, which means it is extremely important everyone takes responsibility for their hygiene. At Ronin, we prioritize cleanliness for all mat areas and be sure to use top of the line cleaning solutions for the health and wellness of our members. Students must also practice good hygiene to maintain a healthy environment for everyone!

Here are 10 tips for practicing good hygiene:

  1. Do not train if you’re feeling ill. If you are experiencing any cold/flu/covid19 symptoms, it is crucial that you do not train and spread any illness.

  2. Trim your nails. Training with long toe/finger nails is dangerous and unsanitary. Nail clippers are available for sale at the front desk for $2.

  3. Shower! Be sure to shower asap after training to reduce the risk of skin infections. We recommend using a tea tree based soap. Arm Bar soap (tea tree based) is available for sale at the front desk.

  4. Brush your teeth. No one likes being in close contact with bad breath.

  5. Wash/clean your gear after EACH use. This includes gloves, wraps, gis, rash guards, etc. We recommend using tea tree oil based cleaning products to clean your gear.

  6. Wear your shoes when you're off the mat. This prevents the bacteria elsewhere not to be tracked back onto the mats.

  7. Do not train with open wounds and/or infections. If you have a cut that is not infected then be sure to keep it entirely covered throughout training.

  8. Do not train with any skin infections. Oftentimes, infections like staph and MRSA start small and underestimated. If you notice anything suspicious please consult a physician before training.

  9. Drink water and eat a healthy diet. Being hydrated and nourished can play a vital role in your hygiene and body odor.

  10. Wear deodorant. Just do it.

Tea Tree Oil Information:

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