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Muay Thai | Ronin TC

Muay Thai at Ronin Training Center is nothing short of authenticity.

 In fact, our team takes a yearly trip to Thailand to expand their Muay Thai knowledge and elevate their training. This experience is brought back and carried into Muay Thai at Ronin Training Center. Ask our Muay thai coaches about their training in Thailand! Or just check out our wall of Muay Thai championship belt won over the years. 


Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. It is a modern fighting sport evolved from traditional Thai martial arts that involves striking an opponent using one’s fists, elbows, knees, and shins, as well as manipulating an opponent’s body at a close distance to bring him or her to the ground. Unlike the majority of the world’s striking-specific fighting sports, which limit a practitioner’s ability to implement the majority of his or her limbs as striking weapons, such as boxing, which limits a practitioner to the use of punches, and Dutch kickboxing, which limits a practitioner to the use of punches, kicks, and single (non-clinching) knees, Muay Thai encourages the use of all the available physical tools of a practitioner to deliver strikes to an opponent.

Unlike other striking specific fighting sports, a significant portion of Muay Thai techniques are concerned with controlling, striking, and bringing opponents to the ground from positions in which the two combatants’ limbs are entangled at a close range in clinches, holds, or when one combatant has caught a strike thrown by his or her opponent. In Thailand,

Muay Thai events are typically held in stadiums, arenas, event centers, or at local outdoor festivals, and involve two opponents fighting in a square ring, typically with boxing gloves but occasionally with traditional rope handwraps (Kard Chuek rules), for a duration of five three-minute rounds.

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