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RTC | Dan Spohn & Coach Williams Pre Fight Interview For PFL

Ronin Training Center | Dan Spohn & Josh Williams Interview PFL 04/29

Dive into the preparation of Ronin’s Pro MMA Fighter, Dan Spohn and RTC MMA Coach, Josh Williams as he gets ready to fight for PFL This Thursday, April 29th.

Dan Spohn-

Q: How long has fight camp been for this fight?

A: 8 weeks long fight camp.

Q: What has been your biggest obstacle this fight camp?

A: Working and covid quarantine.

Q: How many PFL fights have you had?

A: 6 scheduled fights, one more coming.

Q: What is your biggest inspiration?

A: Fighting for my family, and showing my kids they can accomplish anything they put their minds to!

Q: If you could fight anyone, who would it be?

A: Jon Jones, I’d love to be the first to beat him legitimately.

Josh Williams-

Q: How long have you been coaching Dan?

A: I met Dan toward the end of his amateur career. I think our first fight working together was for his rematch with John Hawk for the NAAFS.

Q: Have you changed anything for Dan’s fight camp training for this fight?

A: Every opponent requires a unique approach. For this fight, Dan already has a few fundamental advantages going in. He fights longer, he's quicker, and he has better footwork. We've been working on emphasizing those advantages... making them more impactful throughout the fight.

Q: How would you describe Dan’s fighting style?

A: When we first met, Dan was a Karate based counter puncher. Over the years, we've built and fortified his style. He's earned his Brown Belt in BJJ, his boxing has improved, and he's definitely not a guy you want to end up underneath.

Q: What do you predict from his opponent, Marthin Hamlet?

A: I expect he'll want to walk Dan down, cut him off, and steer him into the cage for a clinch. He doesn't fight especially well out in the open and the PFL cage is big.

Q: What would you like to see Dan achieve with his fighting career?

A: The obvious answer is to be a champion. But to me, the goal is evolution. The best version of Dan is the guy who wins that title.

Q: What advice would you give beginner’s in this sport?

A: The key to success is staying disciplined and setting small goals. There is a ton of improvement to be made... but it won't happen overnight. Growth takes time and it's easy to lose motivation.

Tune into Dan's fight this Thursday, April 29th 5:30pm ET on ESPN

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