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Ronin FAQ

Updated: May 18, 2022

Q: How much does it cost to train at Ronin Training Center?

A: We are competitively priced for all our martial arts memberships! We are a Training Center with several programs to choose from and the cost of membership can range from $50 - $220/month. We recommend to discover what you love during a free week trial. After your trial we'd love to go over membership options with you.

Q: What do I need to do to start my FREE WEEK TRIAL?

A: Choose any beginner friendly ("all levels" is beginner friendly) class on the class schedule and show up 15 minutes prior to the class in athletic attire. Our staff will be happy to sign you up. You do not need gear.

Q: Do I pay for any fees during my free week?

A: No. There are no hidden fees.

Q: I am out of shape. Should I get in shape before I start?

A: The best shape to be in is the one training will get you in! No prior athleticism required.

Q: Do you have to compete if you got to Ronin?

A: No! The majority of members train leisurely!

Q: I am over 40yrs old. Am I too old?

A: Absolutely NOT! We have a variety of ages in all programs many of which are over 40yrs.

Q: I am under 18 years old and I want to start training. Can I sign up for the free week or membership by myself?

A: If you are under 18, you will need your parent or guardian to sign the liability waiver. After that, you can attend the classes without them.

Q: Can I attend to any class from the Class Schedule during my free week?

A: You can attend any Beginner/all levels classes!

Q: This will be my first time training martial arts, so I don't have any gear. Should I buy any specific gear to start my trial?

A: You do not need to buy any gear for the free week. You just need to wear athletic attire.

Q: What age groups are accepted in the Kids programs? A: We offer programs for kids/youth programs for ages 5-15yrs. *4yr old are allowed to do a trial week. Depending on their participation in class they may be eligible to join before 5yrs.

Q: How do I practice healthy hygiene for martial arts to avoid common skin infections?

A: Firstly, you are not permitted to train with any skin infections including ringworm, staph, MRSA, herpes, etc. To avoid infections here are some tips:

-Train clean! Regularly clean your gear with antibacterial products and start your training clean

-Shower asap after your training session and use antibacterial soap. We recommend a soap with tea tree oil to avoid drying your skin out too much and making yourself more susceptible to infections. We sell Arm bar Soap at the front desk!

-Do not train with open wounds and avoid touching you eyes, mouth, ears before showering after training.

Q: What gear is required for Beginner MMA?

A: on your trial, no gear is required! Once signed up, MMA gloves, mouth guard, 16oz gloves, shin guards, and compression athletic attire.

Q: How can I progress faster in BJJ?

A: Consistent attendance is key! That can look like 1X/wk or 6X/wk but being consistent with your attendance will give you consistent progress! Diet, athleticism, genetics, flexibility =, etc all can help but hard work beats talent!

Q: Can I use a BJJ gi for Judo?

A: Yes!

Q: How do I register "these hands" after training at Ronin?

A: You have to complete 3 rounds with RTC Pro Fighter, Dan Spohn to complete registration.

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